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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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root support in the city. 24 here. 28 at pax river. 29 in elkton. much stronger gusts. the current wind gust around the area. last hour. 46 here. 54 in elkton. way down to only 10 in cumberland. out to the west, the winds are diminishing. that will be with us later this evening. in fact, until 7:00, we still have a high wind warning. after that, the winds will be dying down. wind gusts dying down. anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour at least for probably the next 45 minutes to an hour. tim has a look at this big, big storm along the east coast and how it affects our weather, as far as rainfall totals. tim? >> the storm definitely is affecting us now. it moved in from the midwest. starting to move in here by yesterday at this time. and moves through. triggering a severe thunderstorm warning this afternoon. the storm is moving out of here
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with the low pressure that is driving it to our north. you can see all of that cold air being triggered up near the north. and that is causing all of that cold air to rush in. and trigger these winds. but let's talk about the rain that moved through over the next 24 to 38 hours. left to right. we're looking at one and a quarter inches of rain. out to the west. cumberland. and we're looking at just about a half inch of rain around most of the state. with the highest amounts being up toward northeast maryland. there you see .82 inches toward elkton. everyone averaging about a half inch of rain. we'll have a complete update on this storm as it moves through the region. for now, sending it back inside. >> first warning weather coverage continues now with weijia jiang, with more on the significant problems the winds are causing tonight. weijia? >> reporter: well, vic, there were times when it felt like you couldn't even stand here today. because you didn't know if the winds were going to knock you over. our crews have been collecting video of a lot of damage. take a look. >> reporter: wild wind causes a
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massive tree to topple over. here on st. paul street, another blocks the road completely, forcing detours at rush hour. here on pressman street. bricks on a vacant house collapse to the ground. the winds proving to be fast and dangerous. >> it's crazy. >> it tries to blow you off track. >> reporter: and here at falls and 37th street, the roof of one house completely blew off. you can see it on the sidewalk. part of it landed on this minivan. in fact, the gusts are so powerful, you can see this windshield is completely shattered. maxine hayes was just getting home from work. stunned to see the rubble in front of her house. she's hoping these are not her shingles. >> crash. i'm sure there's a lot of damage. especially to that car. so i'd like to go see what it is. >> reporter: hayes is just one of many feeling the wrath of the wind. baltimore fire department says crews are responding to all
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quadrants of the city, dealing with downed trees and lines. >> they are asking people to remove outdoor furniture. they say they can be used as projectiles. luckily, no wind is projected for tonight. >> a check with bge. right now, more than 46,000 people are without power. majority, more than 17,000 in anne arundel county. there are 9,000 in baltimore city. and 8,000 more in baltimore county. and many of you have sent pictures of the damage in your neighborhood. this is a tree that has knocked over in perry hall. there's big problems in johnny cake elementary in catonsville. and we thank you for these pictures from sean. and as you can see. there is a problem.
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first warning weather updates. and live doppler radar, log onto and if you want to send us your pictures, just click on the top of the link at our home page at intense, often emotional debate over same-sex marriages in maryland. a closely-watched divided house will decide the fate of the law. wjz stays on the story. political reporter pat warren is live in annapolis with the latest on this controversial issue. pat? >> as you know, there are 40- odd senators. and 144 house members. and tensions are going to run high as well as emotions as this debate progresses. showdown in the house of delegates. those who will cast yeas and nays on same-sex marriage draw a line that cannot be blurred. >> let's be perfectly clear. i do not hate homosexuals. they are created in god's image, and therefore, they are to be loved like any other individual -- >> yeah. >> but don't ask us to legalize
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same-sex marriage. we're simply not going to do it. >> reporter: vocal opponents met with equally vocal and determined lawmakers. >> i am an openly gay member of the house of delegates. i'd like to introduce my spouse deb mizuer. deb is here because this debate is not about abstractions. >> mr. chairman, colleagues, let's pray. >> this is where they will take the same-sex marriage bill to the floor. it combines politics, religion and love. >> there is a same-sex couple across the way who are just waiting for an opportunity to have what maureen and i have. and frankly, maureen and i are waiting for that same opportunity for them. >> they're -- there are going to be moral consequences to our state because of your decision. >> my belief -- and i believe
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that it will turn out, if the wrong decision is made today, that the majority of people in maryland will also agree that to make a marriage, you need a husband and wife for a reason. >> our legislators are not to check their consciences at the door. >> thanks for standing up for love. >> reporter: and once again, this committee must clear it before it becomes the 141 members of the house of delegates. and we're told there is expected to be some heated debate before that happens. but they do have the votes to pass it. report being live from annapolis, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> thank you very much, pat. and the house committee is expected to vote on tuesday. it killed his wife in broad daylight on a busy city street. just a short time ago, one-time community activist, cleaven williams is convicted of first- degree murder. suzanne collins has more on the unusual move by the jury. >> reporter: veroneica
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-- they said veronica williams was stabbed in the face to take her beauty, in the throat to take her voice. cleaven williams has been convicted of first-degree murder. a witness to that murder is gratified. >> i held veronica in herifiable moments -- her final moments of consciousness. and like i said, i did not know her. but in those moments, i felt like i knew her better than some people i've known my whole life. >> reporter: williams admitted he stabbed his wife. but he told jurors he was provoked. but clearly they did not believe him. they decided it was not manslaughter. >> but i am truly grateful that veronica now will be vindicated because she was such a beautiful person. >> reporter: in an unusual move, the jury asked this letter be read to the court. it says we mourn with both families the loss of their loved ones, talks about the children, whose lives are changed forever and they hope one day they will get a sense of normalcy. and finally, it says, we pray
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mr. williams get the help he desperately needs. >> reporter: a friend of the victim says veronica williams was afraid to report the abuse because cleaven williams was part of the greenmount community and had a close association with officers. williams will be sentenced april 29th. and he face life in prison. from the courthouse, suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> cleaven williams' family says it's a tragedy for both families, especially the children and that they love veronica. and you can read their statement and the jury's letter at tonight, new revelations in the towing scandal. a whistle-blower is speaking about her unsettling confrontation with an officer. mike helgren days on this investigation. >> reporter: denise, she says she's amazed at how big this scandal is but she still has faith in the police department. >> reporter: more officers face
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suspension hearings in the sweeping federal corruption investigation that has rocked the department. 31 officers have been suspended. 17 charged with illegally referring drivers in accidents to an unauthorized toker -- tower, majestic, which would pay them cash. an illegal kickback scheme. paula helped blow the lid off the scandal. she's worked in the towing industry for decades and represents the towing companies licensed to do business with the city. >> we were quite astounded that it was such a large network. >> reporter: she remembers the day in 2009 when she said she saw majestic towing a car they shouldn't and confronted the officer. >> excuse me, sir, i said, do you know you can't use this unlicensed tow company? >> reporter: that's when she said he had her arrested. >> he overreacted so badly, it told me all i needed to know. >> reporter: and she made sure the commissioner knew it wasn't right. >> we brought it to his attention after i had been locked up. and i believe they did their
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due diligence. it's very tough to look into your own people. it's bittersweet. i'm happy something happened. but i'm sad because it gives our industry a black eye. and the police department has so many good officers, men and women, in the rank and file. it's just -- nobody will look at that. they'll just say police corruption, police corruption. >> reporter: one price of the scandal is that it has left police spread thin, struggling to fill beats in high-crime areas, but investigators say not rooting out corruption would have been more costly. >> police officers are supposed to be working for the police department, not the highest bidder. >> reporter: most of the officers involved serve the northeast district. they are considered innocent until proven guilty in court. reporting live at city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. denise? >> thank you very much. the fbi made extensive use of wire taps, monitoring the officers' phone and text conversations leading to the charges.
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scores of people are finally out of libya tonight. this ferry arrived in malta a short time ago, carrying american embassy personnel. the embassy in tripoli has been shut down because of the violence. moammar gadhafi says he will fight to the death. wjz is live in north baltimore. jessica kartalija has more on the rapidly rising prices. jessica? >> reporter: well, vic, the price of a barrel has spiked 18% in the past 10 days. and that's certainly trickling down to maryland drivers. >> reporter: michael pile watches his cash go from his wallet to his fuel tank. >> $54.52. $55. >> what do you usually pay? >> used to pay, you know, $20. >> reporter: in maryland, the price for a gallon rose 5% overnight as concerns grew over the unrest in the middle east. >> a lot of the oil comes from
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libya and through the suez suez canal. that started the concern. >> reporter: drew cob, with the maryland petroleum council says turmoil in libya could raise prices even more. >> we get roughly about 8 to 9% of our imports through libya. it's a significant contributor to our costs in the united states. >> reporter: this time last year, americans paid an average. $2.69 a gallon. last month, the price was $3.05. with this latest surge, the national average is $3.28 a gallon. as for pyle -- >> getting ridiculous. >> reporter: prices could reach $5 a gallon. as soon as this summer. triple a tells me, that's not very probable. i'm jessica kartalija. week eyewitness news. >> we're all feeling it. jessica, thank you very much. botox and the bedroom. how the chemical that treats
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wrinkles could really treat a woman's sex life. it's a unique journey. i'm gigi barnett. coming up, now he's protecting u.s. borders. that story is straight ahead. a cryptic call to 911. the last words of this homeowner before her house is consumed by fire. i'm mike schuh, in harford county. the investigation next. blustery friday across maryland. stick around for the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police ask fire investigators say a woman possibly gave them clues to her death. her 911 call is just the start. >> the 911 call came to harford county the first few minutes of wednesday morning. kathleen ellis was calling from her home near bel air. she's hyperventilating. all she could say was -- and he's going to... then the line went dead. >> meantime, her house was on fire. >> when deputies arrived, they saw the smoke, called the fire department, went inside and pulled her out from her bedroom. >> reporter: she doesn't have a pulse. deputies give her cpr. she's pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. the sheriff's office calls this death suspicious. but they're not ready to call it foul play. but this neighbor has already been visited by homicide detectives. >> this has been handled by the
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homicide division's major investigation unit. >> police detectives. to know if there was foul play. and if a fire was set here to destroy evidence. >> any time there's something like a fire that can affect evidence, it makes it more difficult. >> reporter: police have no suspects. >> right across the street, it's a wake-up call. >> reporter: near bel air, harford county, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> police are asking for help from anyone who may be able to give them information on this case. police say a new york state senator is among the victims of a maryland man's telephone scam. a frederick man was arrested at his apartment yesterday evening. police say francisco calcano scanned people to send him money. he told people it was going to aid people in the dominican republic. he will be extradited to new york. was it a stroke of luck or a mother's prayer that landed one serviceman a visa to
6:18 pm
america? gigi barnett has more on his quest to become a u.s. citizen and how here's serving the nation in return. >> when you are daydreaming, you think about it. >> reporter: as a boy growing up in nigerria, coast guard inspector shea bellow watched movies. most of them were about the coast guard. and he had a dream to join. >> every time there's a scene on the water, you saw the coast guard. >> reporter: but he had no friends in america, no scholarships to schools and no money for a trip abroad. but his mother had heard about a visa lottery. it was a chance to go to the u.s. something she wanted for her 15 children. >> she said one day, she would visit america. she knew she could come right now. but she believed her children, one of her kids will be there. >> reporter: she tried to enter bellow's older brother jabrill into the lottery. but he was away at school. so she sent bellow's name instead.
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>> reporter: it didn't last long. 8 months later, the gamble paid off, and the visa came through. >> she was just dancing and so excited. i mean, everybody was so, so excited. >> reporter: that was eight years ago. and bellow joined the coast guard upon arrival. this week, he shared his story with fellow service members. he inspects marine vessels. it's a way to give back to the u.s. and help family in nigerria. >> every time i walk through that gate, i always say a prayer for the coast guard. >> reporter: while bellow misses his family in nigerria, he's made many friends here in the u.s. some of them are from his homeland. they won a spot in the american visa lottery as well. i'm gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> and bellow's father was a member of the nigerrian army. he said that influenced his decision to join the armied -- armed forces. winds calming down, finally, after some wind gusts
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to 60 miles an hour in several locations. and lots of damage around. 41 degrees. cooling down quite a bit, too. winds are down to 17 now. the barometer on the way back up. come back and take a look at the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,
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well, be prepared for the sound of chain saws all weekend, cleaning up after the mess. >> absolutely. >> this is like mother nature's way of cleaning up, or pruning almost. but a lot of old trees down. big branches down. trees that had very poor root structure, and with the ground being wet and thawing out for the freezing and cold we had, it was just the perfect day for these winds. take a look at these temps now. temps are dropping as well. 41, as things dry out. 43 in elkton. 49, ocean city. at the airport this afternoon, it got up briefly to sketch degrees. 67 degrees. that warm air helped to fuel some thunderstorms that moved through the area, south and east of us, particularly. and the eastern shore and southern portions of our area had gusty winds with that. 37, hagerstown. 31 in oakland. and 44 in washington. around the metro area. upper 30s, a couple of spots. 40 in westminster. and 40s down by the water.
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winds are calming down. 20 in cumberland. 26 in oakland. and the strongest wind gust now. elkton at 41. ocean city at 48. so the strongest winds are shifting now to the south and east of us. delaware. you folks in eastern shore, still on a high wind warning until midnight. unless they drop earlier. west of the day, -- bay, we only have about 25, 30 minutes left. a high-wind warning still in effect until 7:00 p.m. for gusts as high now up to about 40 miles an hour. big area of low pressure that came out of the midwest. just got totally energized, with warm gulf air from the south. cold air to the north. and this is really ripping, ripping through the northeast now. with heavy snow to the north. showers and thundershowers to the south this afternoon. it's all moved off to the east. and you see the snow beginning to head to the east in new england. but that low pressure, very deep and very strong. behind it, strong winds out of the west and northwest. that's drying this out. but as this low continues to pull out, the winds will
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continue to diminish through the afternoon. tomorrow will be a sunny but colder day. back to colder temperatures. by monday, another storm and another front. showers and thundershowers. but it will be back up probably in the low 60s once again. gale warning from en:00 tonight -- 7:00 tonight to midnight. and they drop the gale warning on the bay. gusts this evening. still up to 35. maybe up to 50 knots at times. at least for the next hour or two. bay temps, upper 30s. tonight, clearing skies down to about 28. a little warmer than average. and tomorrow, a pretty normal day. pretty nice day, too, with not much in the way of winds, too. 46, with a lot of sun and a few clouds throughout the day. a dryer, nicer, quieter weekend. yes, there will be a lot of change out there this weekend. >> thank you, bob. stir -- still to come tonight. please help us. a child flashes a sign to a driver on a busy road.
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face. terror. prosecutor says he was very close to facing a deadly bomb. what else they heard as they appeared in court. on the brink in libya. how the country's embattled leader is desperately tryiyi,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. 41 degrees and partly cloudy. good evening. here are some of the stories people talking about tonight. no understand to the violence sweeping across libya. anti-government protestors sweep across the nation yet. loyalists to moammar gadhafi were armed and ready, firing into the crowds. >> waving his fists, the dictator vowed not to surrender. in an unexpected appearance, moammar gadhafi ordered supporters to keep fighting. he told them, quote, we can defeat any aggression if necessary. gadhafi's fiery address come to see struggles to hold onto power. in another part of the city,
6:30 pm
gadhafi's militias open fire on demonstrators. witnesses said there were multiple deaths, as large numbers of protestors spilled onto the streets after friday prayers. >> gadhafi is going to feel a lot of pressure. >> reporter: cbs news correspondent mandy brown is on the ground on the coastline. gadhafi largely lost control there. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to says that, you know, it's freedom or death. but they're willing to sacrifice themselves to make sure that they get the freedoms they want. >> reporter: president obama has been working the phones from the white house. he's consulting with world leaders on a package of sanctions that would punish libya's government for the crackdown. >> we are initiating a series of steps to pressure the regime in libya to stop killing its own people. >> reporter: as libyans fight, foreigners are racing to leave. cell phone video from outside tripoli's airport, shows
6:31 pm
thousands camped out, waiting to evacuate. and after days of weather delays, a ferry, carrying more than 150 u.s. citizens, finally arrived in malta, glad to be safe, as the revolt takes a deadlier turn. joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: and a u.s.- chartered evacuation flight also left libya friday, just as the u.s. alerted libyan officials that it is suspending all libyan operations in that country, effective immediately. creating jobs in maryland. maryland's governor travels down to the state house to discuss this issue and others. governor martin o'malley met with president obama and vice president biden. tomorrow is the national governor's meet. and sunday, the governor the host the governors at a black- tie dinner. what has been the latest road block to slots at arundel mill. a settlement has kicked it out of court. and that has kicked off a rush
6:32 pm
for jobs. >> reporter: from the workers who were moving the first ground to those installing the first slot machines, the parking lot at arundel mills mall is an economic promise land. >> it's about crating jobs. did he -- creating jobs. did he say 2500 jobs? >> there's so many people that really depend on a job like this. >> reporter: they showed up for work. it outlined the jobs to be bid on and the paperwork to get started. >> it's an opportunity for businesses to get involved at the early beginning of the project and do a lot for the growth and development of small businesses within the state of maryland. >> not only is it wonderful for all of the cads we have in this area that have been unemployed and are really strong workers are. but it's great to see that it's going to improve our economy as well. >> reporter: and it's starting soon. >> reporter: despite delay being action by opponents who fought it at the state county.
6:33 pm
>> one, two, three. go. >> reporter: but no sooner had the first ceremonial ground been broken than opponents secured a new injunction to stop construction. but -- >> the latest court challenge to this project was dropped when the developer agreed to put in more stoplights and improve roads. that means a green light for the casino now and those who want to be a part of it. >> this is something that i think will help the state in general. bring people back. and they will have more money to spend. >> reporter: now, the chase for a piece of that prize is on. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> besides the money jobs will generate. the cordish company also estimates the slots casino will bring millions in revenue. a burglary suspect is now linked to even more crimes. anne arundel county police were called to a home in laurel, after they spotted brendan baker allegedly breaking into a home. police linked him to six other
6:34 pm
burglaries. he's being held on $250,000 bail. maryland resources police find another illegal rockfish net. this was discovered off kent island near the mouth of the chester river. in the last few weeks alone, 12 tons of rock fish have been confiscated from illegal nets. police are trying to determine who is setting those nets. time now for ape quick look at the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. a look at novel attractions. the only swimmer from a baltimore city high school to win a state championship. and how to take your antiques to the next level. for these stories and a lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. when a super computer named watson faced off against two of jeopardy's best, the world was mesmerized. >> watson is ready for its next assignment, helping to save lives at the university of maryland medical school. >> this is jeopardy!
6:35 pm
>> reporter: a super computer named watson wowed the world, beating jeopardy's top two contestants. >> watson? >> what is saron. . >> right. >> watson is able to understand languages with all of its nuances and sift through 300 million pages of content in three minutes. some believe it could revolutionalize healthcare. >> watson was answering medical questions as quickly and with the same level of confidence as it answered those hard jeopardy questions. >> reporter: this may be able to answer tricky questions with ease. but now it's answering a call from the medical community. starting here at the university of maryland school of medicine. >> and they would say, would you consider this option? or it might say, i just read something in a journal or a textbook. maybe you haven't seen it yet. >> reporter: the information threatens to overload doctors.
6:36 pm
but the computer, known as watson, could help cut down on medical mistakes. >> it could check for inconsistencies in drug interaction, diagnosis. it could do a safety check. >> reporter: no wonder watson is tough to beat. you're watching a mega mind the size of 10 refrigerators. >> reporter: watson can understand the difference as we speak it. the difference between bat and bat, for instance. >> how we solve problems and how incredible the human mind and the human body is. >> reporter: it analyzes the equivalent of a million books and whittles down hundreds of answers to one. doctors say two minds are always better than one. >> i think patients will benefit by having me be a much better, smarter, and up-to- date, safer physician. >> reporter: and watson is filled with so much information, it would take a human 250,000 years to read it. >> gotta give me a link to
6:37 pm
watson. i'm telling you, just so i can be smarter. mary, thank you very much. >> watson may be better than google. just might be. still to come. growing health concern for americans. why the number of people under 40 suffering strokes is soaring. tragedy in kentucky. children swept away by rushing floodwaters. a dryer, cooler and quieter weekend. we'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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storm-related tragedy in kentucky. police say a horse-drawn buggy, carrying an amish family of nine, toppled over while trying to cross the water. the group was traveling in the downpour in order to make a phone call. the children range in age from 5 months to 11 years. a woman is arrested because of drunk driving because of a note written by her child. police say bonnie will was drunk behind the wheel with three children in the back seat. another driver noticed a note being held up to the window saying, please help us, being held by the little girl. he called police who then
6:41 pm
arrested will. a list of targets including the home of a former u.s. president. ines feray talks about where the 21-year-old terror suspect shows up in court for the first time a short time ago. >> reporter: terrorist suspect khalid aldawsari showed up in court. the 20-year-old seemed calm in the courtroom, as the judge asked if he understood the charges against him. aldawsari is charged with attempting to use a member of mass destruction. his lawyer says his client will plead not guilty. the saudi arabian suspect came to the u.s. three years ago on a student visa. prosecutors say he was plotting terror attacks while he was attending college classes. the fbi searched his apartment and found bomb-making materials, including two of three chemicals needed to build a military-grade weapon. neighbors were alarmed to hear what was going on. >> i'm really thankful, number
6:42 pm
1, to god that nothing happened here. >> reporter: investigator says aldawsari wrote in a journal about the plight of muslims and referenced osama bin laden speeches. he also referenced plans to bomb new york city during rush hour, target a home of former president george w. bush, as well as dams and nuclear power plants. the fbi says aldawsari acted alone. former roommates say the suspect kept to himself. >> he wouldn't associate with us at all. >> aldawsari is being held until his next court appearance in march. if convicted, he could be sentenced for life. ines feray, wjz eyewitness news. >> a north carolina company tipped off the fbi after the suspect placed a large order for chemicals. growing concern for young americans. researchers say they can't say for sure what's causing the big increase in strokes among the young. but many experts point to
6:43 pm
obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. botox isn't just for removing wrinkles. now, doctors think it can help women below the belt, too they're using it to make it difficult to have sex. doctors say they've seen plenty of success in early trials. it is not an inexpensive treatment, though. one treatment can cost more than $6,000. americans fleeing libya finally get out. you'll hear their firsthand account from malta. plus, just how rich is moammar gadhafi. we'll look at his complex money trail. that's tonight, only on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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a wet and windy end to the workweek. let's get a final look at the weather with tim williams. >> the wind didn't hear you say it. it's picked up quite a bit out here. looking at temperatures getting around to 30 degrees. that's where we start tomorrow.
6:47 pm
winds will subside. go into the mid40 range. and with a bit of sunshine. we'll go down to the 30-degree mark. somewhere around there. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> all in all, pretty nice weekend. a lot of sun. not much in the way of winds. 52 sunday. increaseing clouds. showers likely. maybe another thundershower or two. warm, 63. 50 on tuesday. and back in the mid-50s. so not that cold weather coming up. partly cloudy skies here on wednesday. vic? >> looking good, bob. thank you. trying to save the life of a morbidly obese woman. mark steines has more. >> reporter: coming up here on entertainment tonight. can tv's dr. oz save save a 700- pound woman? >> i'm dying. >> reporter: the last time colleen weighed herself in her own home, she was $705 pounds. >> you will die from a stroke
6:48 pm
if you don't fix that number. >> reporter: dr. oz and colleen have formed a weight loss team and not a minute too soon. he is running tests to show how morid about obese -- morbid obesity has ravaged her body. >> that number means you will die of cancer. that number means your bones are crumbling, and it will cripple you. and when you can't move, colleen, you will die. >> it's not easy to talk about these things. it was overwhelming. >> reporter: trimming down from 700 pounds will be a long fight. >> i want her to lose 10% of that weight, that's 70 pounds, over the next four months or so. that's a pretty big request. but i think she can do it by making just small nudges in her behavior. >> also tonight, katherine zeta- jones' scary clash with paparazzi as husband michael
6:49 pm
douglas comes to her rescue. plus, charlie sheen's new rant. and what you haven't heard from michael jackson's kids. that and more on entertainment tonight. you can see that and more here at 7:30. and orioles have concern over an injury to one of their star players. star players. >> mark k [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays. ♪ achievement: loves working capital. ♪ achievement: puts receivables to work. ♪ achievement: expects a lot of itself. cfo: cash flow options, helping business achievers better manage their cash flow. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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not before the season starts. mark is here with wjz, the fans sports report. >> we saw the cardinals lose their best pitcher before the season starts. nothing that serious. but you do keep an eye on it. second baseman brian roberts sat out a second straight day with that sore neck. andy macphail says he has no reason to believe that the injury is a serious concern. meanwhile, derrek lee took batting practice for the first time since his thumb surgery. he said he did feel pain but calls this hitting session hia good first step. one of the smoothest cuts in the game. in our masn on wjz spring training report, the orioles right fielder talks about his goals during this month of preparation in florida. >> i think the biggest goal is to work hard and try to stay as healthy as you can. stay on this field.
6:53 pm
stay out of the training room. and you know, get your work in, work hard. and you know, just look forward to the next day. >> talked about staying healthy. and markakis has been the model of just that. he has been the team's most durable player since taking over the starter right field. nfl general managers and coaches are gathered in indianapolis, in combine, where the top players are showing off their skills for the draft. they will have their eyes on the wide receivers. maryland terrapin, tory smith is one of the top talents at the combine. today, he said he'd be honored to be playing for the baltimore ravens. smith has exceptional speed. and his ability to return kicks in addition to catching passes makes him desirable. several projections have the ravens taking him with the 26th overall pick. smith said today, it would be an honor to wear the purple and
6:54 pm
black. he's a virginia native. he also said the redskins would be okay for them, too. jordan williams has the attention of the nba scouts. the top scorer will lead them with this. maryland has a late season surge. and williams appreciates the help in carrying the load. take a lot of the pressure off myself. because of the game. because you know, i have this. you know, just helps. not only me, but helps our team with confidence. and shows other teams that we're not just a one-person team, or a two-person team, we're a deep team. >> williams is scoring 17 points per game. averaging 11 rebounds. that leads the team in each category. terps take on the tarheels sunday night in north carolina. nascar boys run it sunday. trevor bane has been riding high since the big win last weekend. but today, the kid came crashing down to earth. bane came crashing out of
6:55 pm
control. he wrecked into a wall off the turn so he'll have to go with his backup ride during qualifying runs tomorrow. just 20 years old. bane is the youngest-ever winner of the daytona 500. it was such a surprise that the corporate world might my mite not be so convinced it is for real. the team is still struggling to find sponsors. he's got plenty of time. thank you, mark. be right back. ♪
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00. it's blue bloods. that's it for us tonight. >> thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. much more coming up ahead on the cbs
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>> couric: tonight, death in the stwreets. militias loyal to libya's qaddafi opened fire on his opponent as he desperately clippings to power. hundreds of americans make it safely out of the country. i'm katie couric. also tonight, tracking qaddafi's fortune. while he rules as a dictator, his children reportedly are living like kings. a day in court for a saudi terror suspect whose alleged targets may have included former president george w. bush. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ >> couric: and schools all over america suddenly bursting with glee. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. muammar gaddafi is growi


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